Monday, August 29, 2011

San Antonio - Taking the "No" out of No-Kill

Having given up on No-Kill 2012 - doomed to failure because city officials would not use the template developed by communities that had successfully implemented no-kill - San Antonio has now turned its attention to killing more cats.

You would think a city that killed over 5,000 cats in 2010 would not even consider regulations that would increase that total.

I like to distill regulations to understandable language, so here is my take on the proposal the San Antonio City Council will consider this Thursday evening:
The trap, neuter, and release (TNR) of cats has proven to be an effective strategy in reducing the feral cat population, so we propose to trap those cats after they have been neutered and kill them.
If you can get something else out of this proposed regulation change, be my guest.

"The old style of animal management was to trap as many cats as possible, to hold them the minimum time allowed and then to euthanize them.  This style failed because the animals missed during the trapping process reproduced at a rapid rate, replacing those removed within a short time.  ACS is committed to finding a better, more permanent solution.

For the last 10-15 years progressive organizations like Alley Cat Allies and the Humane Society of the United States have been vocal advocates for Trap, Neuter and Release.  Cats are caught, screened for health, sterilized, vaccinated and returned into the area they came from after the sick and injured animals were either treated or euthanized.  Returned cats have shown to maintain their territory but do so without the ability to reproduce, eventually leading to colony stability and fewer citizen complaints. ACS will be purchasing additional cat traps in FY2012.

The proposed code change would allow for outdoor cats to be considered a nuisance which would allow them to be trapped."
You can read the entire proposed regulation here. The people who have actually been doing TNR in our community will be out in force for the City Council meeting to make sure that the city does not undermine the hard work they have been doing.

I hope to use this new blog to discuss the local animal situation as well as no-kill around the country. Another interest of mine is reuniting lost animals with their families and I will blog about that as well.