Sunday, November 29, 2015

Vet staff tries to change chip info on lost dog in their possession

Courtesy Vanessa Ferrino
Teddy is a Shih Tzu/Bichon Frise mix. He is just as cute as can be. Teddy got out on Oct. 28th and became lost. Teddy would be home today except the woman who found him, let’s call her Jane Doe (although Cruella de Vil would also fit), wanted to keep Teddy. The woman who found him failed Teddy and veterinary practice also failed him.

Correction:  A previous version of this article stated Teddy was taken to Haltom City Shelter for scanning. This information was provided by PetWatch. However, a staff member at Haltom City Animal Hospital says Teddy was scanned there and not at the city shelter.

Teddy had a wonderful life and a family who loved him and who registered his microchip. When Jane Doe took Teddy to Haltom City Animal Hospital for scanning, Teddy’s microchip was detected. A staff member called the chip company and got contact information. The staff member then handed the dog back to Jane Doe. No one called the owner. (The animal hospital claims they did call and leave a message, the owner disputes this.)

Next stop for Jane Doe, and unhappily for Teddy, was her veterinary clinic. She sent a friend with Teddy to the clinic. Clinic staff also scanned for the chip. A staff member called the chip company and was told Teddy had an owner. What was the response by the vet staff? Did they contact the owner? No, vet staff called and tried to get the chip company to change Teddy’s ownership information to the woman who walked in with Teddy. At this point the chip company realized Teddy was being stolen. The company called Teddy’s owner, Vanessa Ferrino, and told her someone had found her dog and was trying to keep him. The chip company gave her the name of the veterinary practice, but not Jane Doe's information.

Ferrino called the vet and they would not disclose any information. Ferrino was able to find out Jane Doe’s contact information by filing a police report. Even though Jane Doe’s address is known, Teddy is still missing. Why? Teddy supposedly ran away from Doe’s friend. How convenient.

If Doe had Ferrino’s Rolex watch, would she escape charges because she found and gave the watch to a friend? What about Doe's friend who took and then lost the watch?

Per the police, no crime was committed. They did not visit any of the people seen with Teddy.