Thursday, January 8, 2015

You can buy animal evacuation kits already assembled

With the national trend to evacuate with your dogs and cats (National Animal Disaster Preparedness Day is May 12), companies are trying to make it easier by selling pre-packaged kits that include what you need to grab and go with your dog or cat
There are several different models and companies.

Ready America sells a dog kit and a cat kit. Both kits are soft crates filled with a variety of supplies. You put your small dog or your cat in the crate and take the supplies with you. In this kit, you get food and some first aid supplies along with other items.

Save Your Pet has dog or cat backpacks for people to wear which include a long list of items (a flea comb for example) and a well stocked first aid kit. Of course you would have to provide a crate. Their site also lists how to customize the kit if you are preparing for a specific emergency such as an earthquake.

Lastly, QuakeKare has complete kits in bags for dogs, cats and even multiple dogs.
These grab and go disaster kits are not listed in any particular order. Each is different enough that they fit different needs. If you have crates or have a big dog, chances are you don't need a soft crate. If you are carrying your own backpack, you won't want a separate pack for your cat!
Whether you are a "prepper" (some kits have water purification tablets) or just someone looking for the perfect welcome gift for a new kitten or puppy, buying a pre-packed kit is the simplest way to start your animal evacuation preparations.
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