Saturday, April 18, 2015

Chicago man drives his Jeep off of a tow truck to save his dog

A Chicago man became a folk hero recently when he was filmed driving his Jeep off a tow truck hook while the back bumper was being lifted in the air.  It now turns out he had no choice.  His Bulldog was in the car.

Victor Jaime left his Jeep running in Walgreen's parking lot as he ran across the street for a sandwich. He left his Bulldog, George, in the passenger seat.  (Yes, it is unwise to leave your dog in the car, for any reason, even to run into Portillo's to pick up an Italian Beef, dipped, with hot giardiniera.)
Jaime saw the Lincoln tow truck driver circling his Jeep and he ran back and jumped in the driver's seat and said he was moving the car. This did not deter the tow truck driver. Jaime yelled at the tow truck driver to stop, but his Jeep was lifted in the air.  Jaime opened the window, and yelled, "Hey buddy, watch this!"  That is when he drove right off the tow hook and into Chicago history, slamming the back of his new Jeep on to the pavement.

"It was a huge drop," Jaime said. "Once I landed, I checked George, and that's when I took off."
Jaime was adamant that he was not going to allow his vehicle to be towed.  "He thinks he’s gonna take my car with my bulldog in it? Hell no!"

Apparently Jaime is in the right and his car should not have been towed with a person in it. He dismisses his folk hero status,
"I'm no hero," he said. "I'm a dog lover."
Lincoln Towing had no comment, but Jaime had one thing wrong.  He called the tow company "sharks."  Everyone in Chicago should know the tow truck drivers are "pirates." Enjoy listening to the late great Steve Goodman sing his classic, "Lincoln Park Pirates."
To me, way, hey, tow them away,
The Lincoln Park Pirates are we,
From Wilmette to Gary, there's nothin' so hairy
And we always collect our fee!
So it's way, hey, tow 'em away,
We plunder the streets of your town,
Be it Edsel or Chevy, there's no car too heavy,
And no one can make us shut down.

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