Saturday, April 18, 2015

Injured dog takes himself to his vet

There was an incredible story today out of Wylie, Texas.  Cletus is a Coonhound who busted through a fence on Saturday.  The Ross Family has been frantically posting flyers, visiting the shelter, contacting local vets and using social media to find their missing dog.

This morning, four days later, Cletus was waiting outside his vet, Parker Road Veterinary Hospital when staff arrived to open for the day.  He had a bad gash on his leg.  The staff were astonished to find a dog they knew waiting to come in.

The family couldn’t believe it when the call came from the animal hospital, “We have Cletus!”   One staff member said, “Never have I ever seen a dog just walk up here.”

His family often walks him to the vet, because the location is within a mile of their house.  That must be how Cletus knew where to go.  Vets everywhere can take heart that dogs must understand veterinarians are there to help them.

Cletus got his gash cleaned up, was fitted with a conehead and went home for a long snooze.
Cletus’ astonished owner said, “We were going to take him to the vet when we found him, but he beat us to it.”
This writer recently wrote an article, “The 25 dog breeds most likely to get lost.”  Is your dog one of the top 25?

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