Saturday, April 18, 2015

Dog lost in the Netherlands found in Texas

Amy the German Shepherd probably just set a distance record for being reunited by microchip. In fact they can probably retire the record now! Amy belongs to a woman named Linda Pool, who lives in the Netherlands and Amy was just found in Houston, Texas.
It is complicated, but a year ago, Pool had a family emergency and had to rehome Amy. Pool returned Amy to the breeder with the understanding that Amy would be held for a few weeks to see if something could be worked out to keep Amy in the family.

However, Amy was immediately rehomed. It turned out that Pool was able to take Amy back, but it was too late. Her only recourse was to keep the chip information up-to-date and hope that someday the chip would bring her dog back to her.

Today her FaceBook page proclaims in Dutch under Amy’s photo:
“Na een jaar eindelijk gevonden! 
[After a year, finally found!]”
Incredibly enough, Amy was discovered walking along a road in Houston and the chip company contacted Pool. Unfortunately, Amy is skin and bones. The Good Samaritan who found her is not able to care for her, so she is now with an administrator of the Search for Sassy FaceBook page, which helps people who are searching for lost animals.

fundraising effort is underway in the Netherlands by the Reunification Project,a non-profit, to raise money for Linda to travel to Texas on December 17 to pick up Amy and take her home in time for Christmas. Almost half of the goal of $2,250 (€ 1800 Euros) has been met. Pool is sure to get some good Texas weather and hospitality, but the real prize will be reuniting with her beloved dog.

[Please note that some links in this story are in Dutch, but if you page down you will see a translation and others let you translate by clicking in the upper right-hand corner.]

Here is an update with video!